Week #3 100 Word Challenge

Its my first day of school, so I rolled out of bed to get ready. I looked at my fish Lucy and went to go feed her but it seemed to be going backwards! Then I look over at my dog Charlie and he's going backwards too! I go downstairs to ask my mom whats going on and she said "naem uoy od tahw" I ran up to my room and started crying. At this point i didn't care about school. then I look up and see a flashing light behind my curtain, I looked behind it and there was a backwards button I guess I pushed it.


  1. Hello Fusionducks,
    You have an interesting idea for your story. The way your mom speaks backwards is really cool! You have not used the prompt properly though. Lucy would not be an 'it', would she? Remember that the focus of today's lesson was to avoid repeating words in such a short piece of writing e.g. school, backwards, and I. Keep on writing and learning.
    Mrs. Van


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