100 word Challenge Week #13

In 1952 three little children were playing Kick The Can. Their parents were on the grass chatting away until one of the mothers insisted on going on an adventure. All the parents agreed except one. So she protested until her husband said, " lets do it!" She replied saying, "but they were exhausted from school yesterday we should do it tomorrow. " All the parents glared at her and yelled , "Get out!" The mother left and took three children to get ice cream and she never came back. She ended up finding an abandoned home that she moved into with the children .

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

Its my first day of school, so I rolled out of bed to get ready. I looked at my fish Lucy and went to go feed her but it seemed to be going backwards! Then I look over at my dog Charlie and he's going backwards too! I go downstairs to ask my mom whats going on and she said "naem uoy od tahw" I ran up to my room and started crying. At this point i didn't care about school. then I look up and see a flashing light behind my curtain, I looked behind it and there was a backwards button I guess I pushed it.